Bad Boy Trevor arrested for hosting party during coronavirus lockdown

Garfield “Bad Boy Trevor” Reid

Actor Garfield ‘Bad Boy Trevor’ Reid has been arrested and charged for allegedly staging a pool party in Plantation Heights on Sunday night.

He’s been slapped with charges for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act, the Noise Abatement Act, the S.O.E Act, and the Spirit Licence Act.

Reports from the police are that they raided the party at approximately 1 am Monday, and arrested the 50-year-old actor, and 22-year-old cashier Keniel Smith.

The police said it shut down the party of more than 50 people and seized a console and quantity of liquor.

Flyers advertising the party indicated that there would be temperature checks and sanitizers at the door. It also promised free tattoos, sex toys, free shots, and piercing to its patrons. To contain the spread of coronavirus, the Holness administration banned all public gathering of more than 20 persons.

Failure to adhere to these restrictions will amount to a fine of one million dollars or 12 months in prison