‘Bad gyal doh cry’: Ce’Cile upset as Spanish star grabs stage name

Bad Gyal and Ce’Cile

Now, this is just a classic tale of those folktales our grannies would tell us: About the cow that lost her tail and gets upset when she needs it the most.

Former charting Dancehall singjay Ce’Cile is stricken with the worst case of ‘if mi did know’, as a Spanish artiste grabbed the once-iconic Bad Gyal moniker for herself – right under the Jamaican’s nose.

Alba Farelo, who dons the stage name Bad Gyal, is the hottest reggaeton act coming out of Spain, more specifically Catalonia.

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Since her breakthrough single Pai, an adaptation of Rihanna’s megahit Work, in which she mixed lyrics in Catalan, Spanish, and English, Bad Gyal has done nothing but take over the dancehall world.

It’s actually ironic that this young Catalonian, who the world is taking notice of, only started her Dancehall ‘takeover’ in 2016.

The 22-year-old singer was even in Jamaica in 2018 and word in the Latin world, which by far outnumbers Dancehall, Bad Gyal may just be the next queen.

In an interview with L’Officiel, Bad Gyal explained what was her inspiration for the name, making no mention of the so-called creator Ce’Cile claims to be.

“In Jamaican culture, you often hear the name Bad Gyal. Among young people, in clubs, etc. I was an absolute fan of the name since I was a kid and it became my first Instagram profile name,” Farelo explained.

Now, my question, Ce’Cile, what makes bad gyal yours alone?

Could it just be a little bitterness, fren’?

I get it, it must have been very traumatic that the same year you released your last song, someone else comes in and takes your entire identity from you.

Come on Ce’Cile, laugh man!

Even Billboard is hopping on the Bad Gyal wave, hyping up the artiste as the next biggest thing.

Think of it this way, maybe, she’s just borrowing it. ??

I’m sure after a few Latin Grammys, she’ll give it back, after all, it is registered by you in Jamaica.

In other news, Bad Gyal is killing it! Her most recent single Alocao has been taking over Spain.

Alocao’s official music video currently has over 16 million views on YouTube in the three weeks since it premiered.