‘Bad Lion’ seeks ‘better change’

While the pandemic has shelved plans for many in the entertainment industry, one reggae artiste has continued to push through.

Reggae artiste Bad Lion

Goldy, also known as Bad Lion, says despite the pandemic, the previous year was one of his most productive, having released several singles including Upside Down, Jamaica Irie, Roots Wine featuring Tuff Like Iron and Killer 45 featuring Yaksta.

The singjay also remains confident that we will see the back of the pandemic, sooner rather than later. “I’m sure that the doctors and the scientists will eventually get this disease under control. A lot of what’s going on is fear-mongering designed to make the people live in fear and chaos but better days are ahead. Jah will never forsake us.”

He is currently promoting his latest single, Better Change, which he produced and released on his Strike Gold Music imprint in December.