Badda General shows ‘new’ male perspective in dancehall

He’s been in the music industry for over two decades as a selector but Badda General said 2020 was the year for change.

Badda General

Badda General said he recently decided to make the transition from playing music that everyone enjoys, to trying his hand at making it.

In fact, the former selector told BUZZ becoming an artiste was a long-time dream.

According to Badda General, he’s been in the recording studio preparing a full-length project entitled Money App Project, which dropped October on Tuesday.

The lead single

The first single, which shared the album’s name, was released back in July as a test, with the response surprising him.

He said the Money App single, which advocates for men who have been duped out of cash by women that have no interest in them, is indicative of his style which is focused on tackling mature subject matter.

His second single, I Wish, officially dropped earlier this week, again sharing the male perspective on break-ups which is not often highlighted.

In I Wish, which has gained traction on TikTok, Badda General is seen getting his heart broken, with his former lover asking if he can’t just wish her well on her new romantic endeavour.

Instead, Badda General raps, “Me wish when you drive out you car bruck down, front tyre flat, spare you nuh have none, when you go out fi go look pon the damage the Almighty make a heavy rain come down”.

“I just wanted to be different with my music and stand out. I Wish is saying things that other artistes aren’t saying and touching topics that no one else is touching so the uniqueness is what is pulling people in,’ Badda explained.

The unique way in which he addresses certain subjects, often not addressed in music, is something he believes is a characteristic of all 10 tracks on the album.

“The I Wish single is opening a lot of doors and I know the entire project is just as ‘out of the box’ so fans will love it,’ Badda General added

The Money App Project, which is now available on all digital platforms, also features DJ Liquid and reggae star Wayne Wonder.