Bahamas health minister trolled after referring to PM’s ‘testicular head’

Minister of Health Renward Wells

Accidents happen, but Bahamian Health Minister Renward Wells has become the butt of many jokes after he had a hilarious slip-up when speaking about the impending arrival of 100,000 doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

Wells told local media that he would be leaving the details surrounding the arrival of vaccines to the country’s Prime Minister whom he referred to as the “testicular head”.

While it is clear that Wells misspoke, news anchors in the archipelago had a day with the audio clip that has everyone wondering ‘what is the testicular head’, and ‘where is it located?’

A researcher in a laboratory at the Jenner Institute in Oxford, England, works on the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University. (Photo: John Cairns/University of Oxford via AP)

What is a testicular head?

Only men have testes, so off the bat most people knew it made reference to the male sexual organ.

According to a popular anatomy website, Teach Me Anatomy, the testicular head is the proximal part (situated nearer to the centre of the body) of the epididymis duct. It is formed by the efferent tubules of the testes, which transport sperm from the testes to the epididymis.

Despite the slip, which Well did not acknowledge, he went on to speak normally about the island’s vaccination plan.

The health minister said the country will likely administer the first batch of the AstraZeneca to a quarter of the population.

“We always talked about the 100,000 doses, which is about 50,000 persons if you give everyone two doses,” he said.

“The doses spread out to eight to 12 weeks, that’s when they say it’s most effective. More than likely, what the government will do is vaccinate everyone first, give them their first shot…that can be up to 100,000 persons, barring we don’t have any spillage and wastage,” he added.