Bajan Calypso King making ‘Memories’

Three-time Calypso King Ian Webster

Three-time Calypso King Ian Webster is all about making memories and inspiring the world one song at a time.
He has put the icing on the cake with his latest release Memories which tugs at the heartstrings. It takes the listener on a journey of nostalgia about the hype of the Crop Over festival before the pandemic.

The music teacher and now Acting Head of Arts told Buzz that the single penned by Water Street Boyz, which includes himself and teammate TV presenter Cheyne Jones was all about remembering the excitement and hype of Crop Over years ago.

“For me, it was just about reminding us of where Crop Over came from, from where we were having a festival and enjoying all of these different things to where we are pretty much at a standstill for the last two years.”

Another release entitled We Got This which was released in 2020 was a song also penned by Water Street Boyz which featured 25 artists from 14 territories across the Caribbean -that single was intentionally done to ease the blues brought on by the pandemic. He said his singles Still My Home from 2014 and Pray for the Souls in 2017 were really to bring about social change-that he said has been challenging.

Webster wants to show the world what he has to offer

“I think when I look around me I see more people into popular culture and not into message music-not things to feed their soul. They aren’t looking for music to feed the positive part of their human composition. Everyone wants music that’s hot and trending.”

Webster told BUZZ though that he truly misses the festival but added that he believes more should’ve been done to push the music within the pandemic in Barbados. “I live in a world that has pretty much shrunk I’ve seen Dominica and Trinidad put on competitions and they have done their part to maintain the culture, to ensure the work of the artist was still featured all be it virtual. I don’t see why it couldn’t be done here.”

Despite these challenges, he has his sights set on being free financially.

“When I am in a place of financial freedom that would be a success. When I reach that place I would think I have succeeded. Winning three cars and those titles is all good but after you still have to live.”

And so he’s looking to release an album and really push his music to the world. He notes how much the world has transformed but is unsure if the young people would be interested in buying albums.

“Things have been changing so quickly in terms of how the music is packaged and distributed. I am not sure that the young demographic is that into Calypso or would purchase the album. I don’t want to do an alum for doing an album’s sake but one that can actually sell, be successful and makes money.”

Going forward Webster hopes to dedicate more time to the craft and showing the world what he has to offer.
“I want to ensure that when that does happen that I am ready for it with discipline and practice. You have to prepare yourself for the next level and be ready when it comes.”