Bajan film director talks struggles of securing funding for horror film

Barbadian film director Stockton Millar is on a roll where producing excellent thought-provoking films are concerned

Barbadian film director Stockton Millar is on a roll where producing excellent thought-provoking films are concerned.

He told BUZZ that since starting his production company Board House Productions in 2020 with business partner Cherah Belgrave they have been mapping out a path for the company’s relevance and success.

Their most recent partnership has landed them the possibility to pitch a horror film to a team from Play Now Media and they are the only film organization in the Caribbean to do so.

“This means a lot to me because here in Barbados horror is not a very popular genre so it meant a lot when they reached out to us to be a part of their series.”

Miller said that after posting a video with half of his face “decomposed” using visual effects a lawyer from the film company reached out to him and the rest is history.

Stockton said that in order to get the distribution deal with the team from Play Now Media they have to pitch a short video surrounding the theme of “a virus, zombies and a lockdown”.

“Basically our story [Into the Darkness] is about a father and daughter in an isolation house then somebody breaks into the isolation house looking for a head but when the head is found it is still alive and the story revolves around how the head got there and why it is there.” 

Currently, Miller explained that his team is going through a fundraising process to actually shoot the film. They have been reaching out to corporate Barbados for assistance however monies have been slow in coming.

The film producer said he finds though that sponsors have been apprehensive because of the genre of horror however his team has been pushing forward as best as they can.

“We are still in preproduction, the script is done although we don’t have the budget as yet.

Corporate Barbados has not been [coming forward as they should] because of the type of film that it is.”

“We did a crowdfunding campaign on Zoom and we had a good turnout and businesses which came to the campaign told us to reach out to them afterwards but when they found out [it is a horror film] they did not want to partner with us.”

However, despite the obstacles, the Board House Productions managing director is persevering in film creativity.

“Our goals are to develop international standard films to an international audience from right here in Barbados.”

Miller said that there are free episodes of Find Out More on the BoardHouse TV Youtube Channel for all to watch.

On August 27th the team will be hosting a fundraising movie night and are appealing to all to come out to their crowdfunding campaigns.

Currently, the team is hoping to raise over $52,000 BDS for equipment to shoot new content.