Bajan rapper Rubytech talks leaving his mark on the world

Winslow ‘Rubytech’ Jordan

There are no two ways about it; Winslow ‘Rubytech’ Jordan lives for the arts. The rapper, graphic designer, and businessman is a serious case of “the apple falling not too far from the tree”.

Jordan is the son of now deceased popular calypsonian and graphic designer Winston Jordan. His mother is a former Carnival Queen and beautician.

“My dad, the late Winston Jordan was an artist first and everything else after. He was a writer, Crop Over designer, Musical Judge, and soca performer. His influence in my twenty-five years of knowing him was crucial to my abilities as a person,” Jordan told BUZZ.

One of Ruby Tech’s more popular releases Like Rick paid homage to Bashment Soca stalwart Lil Rick. The video had well over 23, 000 views since its release in January of this year.

“In one aspect the song is sonically strong and catchy, birthed from my persistent observation that Rick is one of the most prolifically accessible artists of this time, and by this time I mean since I was a kid up until now. [He] is still well-received still creating hits. It was this concept that I finally manifested when the right beat arrived.”

Jordan is known as a man of the people and a team player in many circles including business, especially where his barbershop, the Razor’s Edge, is concerned. He said balancing music and his work as an entrepreneur is not the easiest.

“I lead my team in the barbershop because as an enterprise they see that drive to accomplish but it is a challenge [where time is concerned] but I have found a solution which is to share a load.”

Passion for music

That solution is if he has a gig or music opportunity he decides to find the balance by shifting his schedule and having another stylist fill his spot while he pursues his music.

But music is Jordan’s passion and it is seen through everything he does-he has been consistent in putting out singles for more than a decade.

Music is Jordan’s passion

Jordan has a slew of other releases including the most recent Guess Who featuring Pakor and Sleepi. He said the single is all about reliving the good old days for him in Bajan hip-hop.

“Guess Who takes me back to the roots of Hip-hop, where myself [and other artists] Sunrokk, Tricksta Jody and Billykincaid would be rapping in Hip-hop cyphers for hours. This time it isn’t those names on record it’s Pakor, myself, and Sleepi who also filmed the video.

“It was fun and challenging because these artists are excellent at their craft and not to be taken lightly.”

The track was produced by De’Illest and MHK at Hyperdrive studios with AON Skillz of 94.7 and 98.1 hosting the official world radio premiere.