Barbadian saxophonist, Elan Trotman climbing Billboard Charts

Saxophonist Elan Trotman

The entertainment industry in particular has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. But in the midst of it all, one Barbadian musician has been making magic with his sax.

For the 10th time, Saxophonist Elan Trotman has made it to the Billboard Top 30 Jazz Charts. His latest chart-climbing single, Brighter Days Ahead was actually inspired by the pandemic.

“When I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to tour and travel and everything came to a halt, I started to compose music. That’s one of the songs I composed and I later released it as a single,” the Boston-based Jazz genius told BUZZ recently.

Talented team

Trotman said his song hitting the number 30 spot on the Billboard chart was no surprise to him because of the wealth of talent on his team.

“I expected it to do pretty well because the guitar that is featured on there is Adam Hawley who is a young, new artist like myself doing really well. It was mixed by Paul Browne who is a Grammy-winning producer. So I expect it to do well and hopefully get into the Top 10.”

Trotman has gotten as far as the number 11 spot on the Billboard chart, but he’s aiming to go higher.

“I’ve had three number one radio singles as collaborations. I’m continuing to push and hopefully, we can get to the top but it is always humbling to see your song in the company of another established artist and you know the Billboard Jazz Charts is definitely a milestone when you can get into the Top 30 out of hundreds of other songs and artists,” he said.

And when he wasn’t creating music during the pandemic, the husband and father said he was busy picking up new skills.

“I picked up the bass guitar- been learning and working on the bass-got it from Marcus Miller one of my inspirations. I’m trying to include that in my shows going forward. I got into photography, bought a camera, and did some art; acrylic on canvas and even cycling on a road bike so I found some other hobbies and tried to stay in shape.”

Trotman also shared that he’s working on an album that will include the single Brighter Days Ahead.