Barrington Levy apologizes to HoodCelebrity, says page was hacked

Reggae legend Barrington Levy has apologized to dancehall artiste HoodCelebrity for derogatory messages that were posted to her social media page.

The ‘Black Roses’ hit-maker issued the apology in a video uploaded on his Instagram page, explaining that his account was hacked, adding that he would never do something like that to anyone.

“Miss HoodCelebrity excuse me, my page been hacked, I’ve nothing to do with whosoever is saying what they saying, I’m not a pervert, I’m up and about music. Whenever I use social media I use it for positiveness, not negativity, I don’t dwell in negativity so Miss I am gonna apologize to you in the sense that they use my thing to whatever they do your thing” stated.

HoodCelebrity in a subsequent repost of the video related that she respected the move by the veteran artiste.

“I respect this from Barrington Levy because I felt very disrespected. I don’t control anyone’s opinion and how they view life to each his own but when someone come on my page and leave comments I’m allowed to express myself on my platform” she wrote in response to the latest developments.

She further went on to state, “to anyone that knows me know that I don’t disrespect anyone, I don’t care artist or regular person I treat everyone with respect and love” she remarked.

She also had a few words for the persons who hacked the page of the singer. “Who ever hacked Barrington Levy page is a very nasty disrespectful human being. An I’m sorry this happened to him. Barrington Levy thank you so much an I accept your apology LEGEND” she added as completing her post on Instagram.

The crass comments which sparked the firestorm are alleged to have demeaned HoodCelebrity’s  lifestyle.

Not realizing that the veteran entertainer’s page was hacked, the Portmore-native issued a verbal onslaught on Levy.