Be bold this Christmas! Get trendy with different colours

Fashionistas, whatever your style, there’s a space for you to rock it this Christmas. Jamaican celebrity stylist, Jane Michelle is declaring this season to be eclectic. So be bold, be different, be extravagant, and be yourself, because you’ll fit right in. 

While Christmas colours such as red and green are a classic, there are other unusual colours that you can rock this season.  


Orange is definitely hot this Christmas (Photos: James Mitchell)

Who wears orange in Christmas? Well, you will be doing just that this season.

“Orange is hot this season. Orange is bold, it’s beautiful, you will stand out in the crowd for any Christmas party. If you want to make a statement, I would encourage people to come out of the typical box of red, green and white, and play around with you skin tone, and see what works,” she said. 


Can’t go wrong with classic green

Green is outshining red as the ‘Christmas colour’ of choice this year. 

“Green is a perfect colour for those celebrating a birthday in Christmas. It is festive and gorgeous. It is also perfect for a Christmas party.  This dress has some shimmer details, it fits nicely, it’s snug and comfortable. And you can’t go wrong with gold and a little shimmer,” she said.

Neon colours

Neon is not just for summer

For all neon lovers, great news! Neon has spilt over from summer into Christmas. Find pieces with just a touch of neon to be trendy this holiday season. 

“This piece is for people who are really into fashion, like proper fashionistas. This is very bold. This is very couture. The neon look is still rocking from summer, into the Christmas in different versions of green,” she said.  


Stand out in blue

Channel your calmer side, by rocking different gradients of blue this season. 

“For the festive season, you have to pay attention to the details. For example, it’s nice to just wear a blue dress, but a blue dress with lace details, or lace sleeves, or a little bling, it makes it for a more festive occasion,” Michell said.


Jazz up you LBD

You have a little black dress in your closet, jazz it up and rock it this holiday season. 

“Black is a classic. You can you never go wrong wearing it. Is it a festive colour? Not exactly. But if you get something that is redefined with more modern details, more intricacies, a little bit more edge, it’d be perfect for Christmas,” she said. 

Glimmer and shimmer

There’s no Christmas without shimmer

What is Christmas without the glitz and the glam?

 “Christmas is all about glitz, glam and glitter, so once you shine and sparkle, you’re good to go. The thing about Christmas pieces like these is that they can stay till the next Christmas, and you can create a totally different look,” she said. 

All outfits worn by model Jane Michelle are available at Chik and Trendz and Mannequin Pieces in Half Way Tree, St Andrew.