DON’T BECOME A VICTIM: Christopher Martin’s team issues scammer warning

The handlers of reggae/dancehall superstar Christopher Martin have issued a warning to unsuspecting persons wanting to do business with the entertainer that scammers are out to rob them of their hard-earned cash.

Over the past 15 years Martin, who has had a multitude of hit singles, including his latest release, Glow. This is in addition to songs like Life, Dweet and Big Deal, which have helped to raise Martin’s profile globally. Therefore, it is no surprise that producers, music system operators and disc jockeys are constantly demanding his services.

Potential victims

They sometimes reach out to him using the various social media platforms while innocently exposing themselves to some undesirables perpetrating catfishing schemes.

“We want to warn people that these scammers are out there.”

— Martin’s manager, Kingy Lettman

These scammers are using fake social media pages, which are replicas of Martin’s pages to attract potential victims seeking to contract the services of the world-famous singer and fleece them of large sums of cash.

“They create a fake Facebook or Instagram page mirroring Chris’ Facebook page with their information,” said Martin’s manager, Kingy Lettman, who wants to raise awareness about the scheme and protect the name and integrity of his client.

“What a person will do is go on to Facebook not understanding that it’s a fake page and reach out to who they think is Chris Martin to request show dates, dubplates or to voice songs. Once negotiations begin, the scammers request that they send money to a secretary, usually an accomplice.”

Confirm authenticity

Lettman said that he is not aware if anyone has fallen victim to the ruse as yet, but has assured that he and the management team are doing everything in their power to ensure that these scammers do not find any level of success.

“As fast as the pages go up, we get them down. But we want to warn people that these scammers are out there and they keep trying and we don’t want anyone to get caught, so we are warning people to be careful,” Lettman said.

He advised that Martin’s Facebook (Christopher Martin) and Instagram pages (@iamchrismartin) are verified by blue ticks that confirm authenticity.