‘Been there, done that’: Sha’Carri Richardson rejects free vacation offer in Jamaica

Sha’Carri Richardson heard that a hotel in Jamaica is offering her a free one-week vacation after she finished last in what was being tooted as her comeback race, but she’s letting y’all know, she’s good.

Takuma Boutique Hotel in Montego Bay is offering the American athlete the stay out of a “spirit of goodwill”. Its owner and managing director, Delroy Allen told local media that he believes Richardson is a talented athlete, and he understands the challenges that athletes occur.

“I know of the challenges that athletes sometimes face, and it is in the spirit of goodwill for her healing and restoration that I am making this offer,” he said.

But in her Instagram stories, Richardson let Allen know that she’s heard of his offer and that she’s not interested.

“Been there, done that,” she wrote while showing a GIF of her rafting in Jamaica. This was followed by a mirror selfie of the 21-year-old athlete sporting a blue monokini at the Couples Tower Isle Resort.

And she obviously enjoyed the vacation in Jamaica too as she wrote, “Loved ittt,” on that photo.