Is there a Beenie Man, Bounty Killer ‘Verzuz’ rematch coming?

A possible Verzuz rematch between Bounty Killer and Beenie Man may be in the making.

Music fans are salivating after Verzuz shared its schedule for its upcoming clashes which included an unnamed “rematch” set for Memorial Day weekend.

The initial post didn’t raise too many eyebrows, as it revealed little, when it was shared on Saturday, however it’s yesterday’s repost by Killer that has fans talking.

Though the deejay added nothing when resharing, fans immediately started doing Maths that added up, in their minds at least. Many asked why he would have shared it, besides now being a shareholder in the platform, if he’s not part of the rematch, while others noted that his clash with Beenie Man also took place on Memorial Day weekend last year.

No word has come from either deejays’ camps or from Verzuz as yet.

But while we await further news, check out our in-depth review on their first face-off, complete with police intervention and memes for days.