Beenie Man asks UK media personality if she’s married

Beenie Man wanted to find out if media personality Zeze Mills was married

The conversation went from philosophical to personal between dancehall icon Beenie Man and British media personality Zeze Mills on the latest episode of her eponymous show.

The pair had finished chopping it up on the online debate about distinguishing dancehall, ragga, and bashment music and Beenie’s upcoming Simma album when Mills asked if he had any questions for her.

His first enquired about her roots to which she responded London with Jamaican parents. He then asked how long she’s been conducting interviews.

“I’ve been doing this for about three years now,” she said. “I would say probably you have been my hardest interview so far… You’re very regal. There are certain conversations that I can have with other people but I can’t have with you because you give off that energy but it’s been very insightful…”

The two seemed to forget the cameras were rolling as he delved deeper.

“Are you married?” Mr Girls Dem Sugar asked.

“Am I married?” she repeated, noticeably caught off guard.


“Gosh, no.”

“Okay,” he replied with a nod.

“Why you nodded your head like, ‘Yeah, makes sense. I understand why’…”

“You’re young and beautiful and you’re not ready to-“

“No, I am though,” she intercepted. “I am ready to settle down but nobody wants me. It’s really hard out here in these streets… It’s hard for us single ladies here. You know what I mean?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You won’t know but it’s difficult.”

“I’m not a lady,” he said. “I’m not a single lady.”

“I feel like also you’re obviously a man and men never want to settle down early. They always want to settle down later on in life when their hairline is receding and they’ve got no other options.”

The Nuff Gal deejay disagreed.

“That don’t make no sense,” he said. “Even guys with their hair side receding don’t wanna settle down.”

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She exclaimed, “This is what I’m saying.”

“Are you a good wife though?” he asked, having been married once.

“What makes a good wife?”

He reeled out the checklist.

“Are you a beautiful woman in your heart?”

“I am.”

“Can you cook?”

Her pause was so long that he had to repeat the question. She laughed and he asked if she can clean.

“I can clean… I can cook but I don’t really enjoy cooking.”

“Which woman don’t enjoy cooking?”

“I only enjoy cooking for people. I don’t enjoy cooking for one person if that makes sense.”

“If I come to your house, we have to go to a restaurant?”

“No, I’ll cook for you.”

“I am one person,” Beenie said, reminding her of what she said seconds earlier.

“Yeah, that’s what I mean,” she clarified. “I like to cook for somebody, I don’t like cooking for myself – I find it boring. Do you know why? Cause I wanna see the excitement.”

“What is your favourite dish?”

“My mom used to cook lamb neck with rice.”

“Lamb neck?”

“Yes, so that’s what I like to cook…”

“Curry or stew?” his last question came.


“You pass.”

The only thing that was missing was the playing of Richard Wagner’s Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride).

Beenie’s first high-profile relationship was with DHQ Carlene in the 90s then singjay D’Angel whom he wed in 2006. Both unions produced one child. He announced his split from motivational speaker Krystal Tomlinson in January, a relationship that also produced one child. He is father to nine other children.