Beenie Man bashed for not honouring ‘dark-skinned queens’

Dancehall artiste, Beenie Man

So BUZZ fam, recently Beenie Man posted a photo on his Instagram from his upcoming music video for his single Inna The Middle. And some of his fans were not pleased with the photo which showed the ‘King of the Dancehall’ dancing with a white dancer.

Fans were very vocal in the comments, calling out the Girls Dem Sugar artiste for being out of touch in light of the recent movements in the world against racism and colourism.

“She’s pretty and all but this is the problem with our culture. Use a woman with some melanin! Fair skin ain’t all dat,” one person wrote.

“No dark skin woman available to do this photo with. It’s time to start using dark skin women in your videos and pictures. Promote us,” another person commented.

But there were some in the comments who were defending ‘The Doctor’.

“All these post as to why Beenie Man didn’t use a darker-skinned girl just shows how much darker-skinned girls do not like their skin colour. Why should it matter if he use white, black or brown? Prejudice I say. Unnu go get therapy. Beenie man said he posted black girls and don’t get any reaction from unnu until he posted a light skinned girl,” one person commented.

Beenie Man soon got wind of the debate happening in his comments section and responded with another post that showed he included women of all shades in his music video, and captioned the post. “All Queens.”