Beenie Man criticises Jamaica’s island-wide curfew

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man has joined the likes of Buju Banton in questioning the Jamaican Government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

He has especially taken issue with the implementation of the island-wide curfew, which he believes disproportionately affects the poor.

“Yuh can’t tell poor people to go in dem bed when no bed nuh deh deh fi sleep inna my yute, and is ghetto people uno a pressure,” he said while revealing that he has never seen the police in the upscale community of Cherry Gardens where he resides.

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He continued: “Uno stop dem thing deh brethren. So is only security and police, and doctors and nurses suppose to deh pon the road after 1, it nuh make no sense. If your money come in 12 o’clock, how you go make your money 8? Police can’t stop your money from come in.”

Beenie Man made these comments in a recent Instagram Live.

The ‘King of the dancehall’ also expressed his displeasure at the sometimes discourteous interactions between citizens and the security forces when the curfew is being breached.

“The man dem fi deal with the people dem with more respect…stop people and talk to people the right way,” Beenie Man advised the police. “You a tell man say go over deh so cause’ a after 1 now and ray ray,’ – Man a come from work. You de pon work you expect man fi lockdown cause uno say it fi lock down? How the money go come in? How my youth dem a go school?” he asked.