Beenie Man doing music for the love; releasing album on birthday

Dancehall artiste, Beenie Man

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man is one of the few dancehall acts to have won the coveted Reggae Grammy, he’s been adorned with the title ‘King of the Dancehall’, and now enjoys the esteem of being a veteran in the music industry.

But as the ‘Girls Dem Sugar’ tells it in a recent interview with A’mari, he did not do music to attain success, it was done out of pure love for the art.

“Mi neva do music fi success, mi do music because mi love music. I was a child star. Mi start from mi a five, do mi first album when mi a 10-year-old, mi first single when mi a eight. But when success come, ya fi just appreciate it and just love it. That’s when you know you have something to look forward to,” he said.

However, he is thankful for the success he subsequently attained, as he said it allowed him to provide for his family.

“Regardless of what you have been through and all the struggles that are there, the fame come with money,” he said.

And with this fame and success, also comes a responsibility to give back. “When you start give back you know seh people appreciate it, When you give back, you know how that feel because you were one of those, the needy, and the have not,” he said.

Beenie Man launched his ‘Eva Clean’ campaign to address climate change in school in November 2019

” We know what it is to have nothing, and we know how it is to be nobody.”

“Mi neva do music fi success, mi do music because mi love music.”

___ Beenie Man

Limited airplay

Beenie Man shared that he is still working on achieving more success in the industry, but he is faced with the challenge of his new songs being given limited airplay, as DJs often favour younger acts.

“As big as I am today, and the new song dem weh mi a put out, check who’s playlist I am on. Mi nineties song dem is on everybody playlist, but I think the last mi deh pan a from I’m Drinking Rum. Do You Wanna Be That Guy? It’s the biggest slang in the world, who fa playlist it deh pan, let’s check it,”

“The young artiste dem nah feel it, wi a feel it. But wi haffi just continue to mek music because who ago stop you more than you? The only person can stop you is you,” he said.

But still, he says he remains focused on putting out new music. His latest album, Simmer will be released on his birthday, August 22. Beenie Man said the projects will feature dancehall heavyweights like Sean Paul, Shaggy, and Dexta Daps.

“Mi born inna music, I am music, mi cya do nothing else, mi neva change a tire, mi neva wire a house none a dat,” he said.