Beenie Man is very happy in his relationship

Dancehall artiste, Beenie Man with partner, Krystal Tomlinson

Just so you know, dancehall artiste Beenie Man no longer has ’nuff gyal inna bungle’, and has apparently relinquished his title of the ‘Girls Dem Sugar’.

The ‘king of the dancehall’ has found in his queen in politician, Krystal Tomlinson, and is drunk with happiness.

“Mi inna a great relationship, magnificent relationship. Roll over, foot up inna air relationship, happiness relationship,” he declared in an interview with Teach Dem.

Beenie Man said he met Tomlinson while she was working briefly at a radio station, and “hit it off”. Now they share a two-year-old daughter, and according to him, his relationship is pure bliss.

“Mi and my woman only argue bout supermarket, how much fi do har hair and dem ting deh. Mi have my life, and mi have my woman, mi wi try keep dat. Mi do everything to try keep dat,” he said.

Beenie Man said he has no regrets about giving up the ‘rude boy’ lifestyle.

“You see rude bwoy life, you love it cause it keep you pan yuh toe, and it keep you hip. But you see having you woman, a nuh every man cya deal with it,” he said.

“Mi like wake up wid mi woman, mi like mi woman inna di kitchen a make breakfast fi mi. Mi like mi woman a blend up mi juice dem and dem ting deh.”

Naturally, the next step for Beenie Man is marriage, and he’s prepared.

“We out to get married,” he said.

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