Beenie Man keeping quiet on reason for split with Krystal Tomlinson

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man

Looks like Beenie Man has said all he needed to say about his split from politician girlfriend, Krystal Tomlinson. That’s if, of course, we are interpreting his cryptic message posted on his Instagram today.

Just in case you’ve been under a rock, or your covers since ysterday BUZZ fam, then allow us to pull you out.

After roughly five years together, dancehall veteran Beenie Man and Tomlinson have called it quits on their relationship. Beenie Man made the announcement on Instagram yesterday. It was quickly followed by a post from Tomlinson who said she’s now “clear, certain, and centred”.

And while social media speculated on the reason for the split, Beenie Man went over Twitter to apparently drop a clue.

“Word of the day,” he tweeted. “Pretentious, beware of those people.”

A scroll back on his timeline to as far back as August showed that Beenie Man had seemingly only started this “word of the day” series yesterday.

But it seems like that will be all we’ll be getting out of the Girls Dem Sugar artiste as it appears he has no intention of divulging anything else.

“Saying less sometimes means more,” he declared on his Instagram this morning. The caption was accompanied by a photo of Beenie Man looking dead in the camera and putting a finger over his lips-shushing himself.