Beenie Man says music cured his speech impediment

Beenie Man, speech impediment
Beenie Man

BUZZ Fam, did you know that dancehall veteran Beenie Man once had a speech impediment? The ‘King of the Dancehall’ made the revelation on an episode of Odyssey with Yendi, and he credits music for helping him to overcome it.

“When mi start talk mi couldn’t talk cause mi was a stammer kid. The reason why we having this conversation right now and we not taking ten minutes to make one sentence is because of music,” he told host Yendi.

From early on, Beenie Man said he recognized that he could only speak fluently when he was deejaying.

“Mi a go a di shop, mi just work out the list and just sing everything. When mi deh a primary school and dem call mi up fi read, the whole classroom deh pan, [knocking motion on desk ] causing dem know mi nah read a sing mi ago sing,” he said.

And while Yendi was amazed at the genius of it all, Beenie Man said he was only doing what he knew worked.

“Mi neva know seh it was brilliant till mi try it, nothing tried nothing done,” he said.

In fact he shared that some of his style of music was influenced by his stammer.

“The more you speed rap, the more it helps your speech pattern,” he added