Beenie Man shades Billboard during BET Hip Hop Awards

Beenie Man is no stranger to the BET Hip Hop Awards, but in his virtual performance on the show, which was streamed Tuesday night, he decided to make a huge statement.

Beenie Man

The ‘Doctor’ was part of a Jamaican cypher featuring Shenseea, Skip Marley, Koffee and Bounty Killer, but used his time on the mic to throw jabs at Billboard Magazine for excluding him and Bounty from their Verzuz cover story despite their impressive clash in May.

As ZJ Liquid played the instrumental of Damian Marley’s Welcome to Jamrock, Beenie toasted:

Did kinda nervous, wah day mi do di Verzuz/ Mi a wonder if America never saw, dem curse us/ Cause the Billboard magazine come out wah day, dem never reveal us…


The magazine had done its usual scoreboard story for their battle on May 23, as they have done with every other face-off. They followed up with another story on May 29 about the increased streaming of Beenie and Bounty’s music since the showdown. However, the two deejays were excluded from the front page of their exclusive “Verzuz Effect” story published in August.

Though show creators Swizz Beatz and Timbaland posted a reimagined cover to include the entertainers, Beenie called out the publication for what he deemed a jab to dancehall. In an interview with Fox Soul’s Out Loud With Claudia Johnson that month, he said he’d be open to an exclusive cover story with Bounty done by the media outlet as an apology. However, this has failed to actualise, and Beenie has clearly not gotten over it.

He then moved on to highlighting those who paved the way for him and made it clear that no entity can diminish his success.

Thank God dat I’m a genius, a musical Nostradamus/ So big up Josey Wales, and Super Cat and Nicodemus/ Is never gun or football, a music mek mi famous/ So right ya now mi hotter than the coffee inna di thermos/ We moving forward ahead dem never can reverse us.”

Being the Girls Dem Sugar, he also dropped some bars for the ‘hunnies’ with some “stan-diggy diggy dan” here and there.

Bounty (who added some colours to his usual black ensemble) and Koffee were also highlights of the cypher, while Shenseea did an interpolation of Lighter and Skip sampled his song No Love. The session was filmed in Montego Bay and Kingston with an endorsement from Sprite.