Beenie Man shows off his huge trophy collection

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man

Beenie Man reminded all of us why he’s the King of the Dancehall with a peek into his huge trophy collection.

The veteran deejay did the humble brag in his Instagram Stories, where he showed fans a cabinet stacked with his awards.

“Not to get crazy but this is one of the biggest DJ of the year trophy mi ever get in my life,” he said while showing off the massive object.

He then went on to show his fans a host of other trophies which included; Best Performance for Spectrum for 1995, and 1996, three medals he got the three times he was nominated for the Grammys, a MOBA award, and so many others

Obviously taken back by his achievements over the years, Beenie Man had this to say;

“Some awards weh some artiste nuh know, dem will never see again.”

Beenie Man has been dominating the dancehall industry since the 1990s. In 2001, his success culminated with his first Grammy win for his album, Art and Life.

He recently released and is promoting his album Simma.