Beenie Man starts fitness journey after weight gain

Self-proclaimed ‘King of Dancehall’, Beenie Man, is learning how to be the king of the hill as he embarks on a new fitness journey.

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man

Videos of the veteran deejay gasping for breath and reaching for the nearest support as he power walks up a hill have been the highlight of his social media pages recently. According to the ‘Doctor’, “nuh stage show nuh wicked suh.”

“Jesus Christ we just finish the hill,” Beenie Man says as his trainer instructs him to get up and avoid rest mode.

The artiste, whose given name is Moses Davis, responds “Hold on, hold on nuh, one second. People! Call police pon da bredda yah fi me. Give mi a minute, mi just finish,” he continued, panting.

Beenie Man has become known for his high-energy performances.

The ‘Rum & Red Bull’ deejay has attracted admiration, from fans and performers alike, over the years for his stage show performances, which often involve him dancing up a storm while showing off his footwork.

In recent years, the entertainer has eased into his ‘dad bod’, and may have been motivated to begin a fitter lifestyle to get back into ‘fighting shape’. His one-year-old daughter, Xiah, with would-be Member of Parliament Krystal Tomlinson may be added motivation for his desire to lead a healthier life.

Beenie Man with his partner, Krystal Tomlinson, and their daughter Xiah.

On one of his runs, he bumped into journalist Winford Williams who was also working up a sweat.

“You’re at the start of something new?” Williams asked.

“Yes, again me a tell unno people, mi a put on weight,” he replied.

“It hard fi carry?” Williams joked.

“Waaaahhh?!?” Beenie Man exclaimed.

If he keeps it up, we may just see a new ‘Doctor’ by the end of 2020.

Earlier this year, thousands of people witnessed the transformation of singjay I-Octane who appeared at the Rebel Salute festival in St Ann noticeably smaller.

Other entertainers like Elephant Man have also prioritised fitness since the start of the year.