Beenie Man visits mom in hospital

Veteran dancehall artiste Beenie Man gave fans an intimate sneak peek into his private life on Sunday (July 5) when he shared a visit to his ailing mom with his Instagram followers.

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man with his mother at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

Beenie Man, in his live stream, documented his journey to the University of the West Indies Hospital, revealing that his mother had suffered a stroke and had been in the hospital for some time.

While portraying his usual calm demeanour, Beenie Man, born Moses Davis, at times appeared emotional as he talked openly about his mother’s condition.

“People me mother inna the hospital and a one of the worst times- fi know seh you a go visit your mother inna the hospital, when you know seh she sick. It is not somewhere weh mi like reach,” he said as he adjusted his face mask.

“It is a serious point. My mother get some strokes and she never get over it and she deh inna the hospital.”

– Beenie Man

“It is not a good day not even a good time for her,” added a clearly emotional Beenie Man.

Throughout the video fans are able to see as the artiste check in reception and make his way to the ward.

Beenie Man is also seen making light conversation with a man in the waiting room as he and his entourage wait for visiting hours to begin.

In one instance, a hospital staff is heard talking to someone from the entertainer’s crew about the filming but the live continues anyway.

Fans get to see Beenie Man interact with his mother who appeared to be connected to a breathing tube and also receiving an IV drip.

While there is a limited exchange of words between the superstar and his mom, the former appears very emotional.

Following the end of the live, Beenie Man shares the video on his IG page, asking fans to keep his mother in their prayers.

The artiste, through his Beenie Man Foundation, donated a 50-inch smart television to the hospital.