Beenie Man’s battery dies during IG Live after getting first phone in 12 years

Veteran dancehall deejay Beenie Man is still getting used to the phone life.

The Girls Dem Sugar artiste experienced his first dead battery yesterday while on social media.

It happened while he was speaking to deejay I-Waata about their upcoming collaboration on Instagram Live. I-Waata, who was at the popular Frenz For Real Studio in St Andrew, was soon reconnected to ‘The Doctor’ who made it clear that he didn’t intentionally end the Live

“Hear mi a go do, mi a go hang up and reach, too much talking nuh mek nuh sense…”

– Beenie Man

“Mi nuh really hang up, hear di problem. Is true mi just get phone fi twelve years, mi don’t know how di battery ting go so the phone dead,” he said.

Beenie Man had previously shared that he received the phone on Tuesday and that he’d taken some photos and was still acclimatising himself to the device’s features. It seems the dead battery experience jolted him back to his prior reality and preference for in-person interactions, as the deejay said he’d just pull up to the studio instead.

“Hear mi a go do, mi a go hang up and reach, too much talking nuh mek nuh sense… I-Waata mi deh pon mi way… When mi forward we need fi record di song…”

It is unsure if the collaboration will appear on Beenie Man’s upcoming Simma album which is scheduled for release this summer. He recently shot the music video for Fun in the Sun, an album track which features Popcaan and Dre Island. It was Popcaan who revealed in an Instagram Story that “Uncle Moses” had finally gotten a phone, after years of only being accessible through his manager, spouse or mere “buckups”.