Beenie Man’s relationships fail because of heartbreak with DHQ Carlene, says Lady Ann

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man

While many were celebrating Valentine’s Day with their significant other, veteran deejay Lady Ann spent it discussing Beenie Man’s love life on social media.

The Informer entertainer was joined by blogger Dr Love and they both agreed that “The Doctor” has good taste in women, but somehow can’t make it last with any.

“I think him date some nice girl,” said Lady Ann. “A one somebody dem seh him did love and it look like from him and dah person deh left a it dat. Him just nah mek himself get caught up again inna dah trap deh.”

“Krystal and Beenie Man never fit one bit. Di two a dem did look artificial.”

– Dr Love

That woman is Dancehall Queen Carlene, and together, the genre welcomed its first power couple. Their relationship flourished in the 90s and produced a daughter, but crashed with a high-profile breakup in the early 2000s. His next long-term and publicised relationship was with singjay D’Angel, which resulted in marriage in 2006. The pair welcomed a son, but this relationship also underwent a tumultuous end less than two years later. By 2016, Beenie Man went public with then television personality Krystal Tomlinson. The pair, parents to a toddler, announced their split in January.

Though Lady Ann said she doesn’t fancy Beenie Man, she thinks they share something in common.

“Me think seh him is like me. Him can walk away easy, him nah get caught up wid nobody fi break him heart again and tek him through dah hurt thing deh again.”

Beenie Man and Krystal Tomlinson announced their split in January.

But Dr Love disagreed and said the issue lies with the Rum and Redbull deejay.

“Nothing nuh go suh. Di man just have a good gyal and nuh know how to keep di good gyal… Krystal is a good girl and Krystal did waan mek it work. A di man a di problem.”

Lady Ann added, “Di man is not stable, he’s not sekkle, dat a him problem. When yuh nuh used to something it hard. She (Krystal) young, she educated, she beautiful, she’s a nice girl and she a go bounce right back and find the perfect man of her dreams.”

Dr Love predicts that Beenie Man will grow old alone.

“You know when it a go ketch Beenie? When him get older and him cya find nobody and nobody nuh want him…”

He pointed to celebrity couples who complement each other, like Sean Paul and Jodi Henriques; Romain and Elizabeth Virgo and Agent Sasco and Nicole McLaren. He even saluted Beenie Man’s former rival Bounty Killer and his ladylove Claudia Rattigan.

“Look pon Killer and fi him girl. You always see Killer and him girl and dem keep out a di media… And look how long Killer and him girl deh and Killer and him girl fit together. Krystal and Beenie Man never fit one bit. Di two a dem did look artificial.”