Beenie Man’s son, Moses, drops music video on 23rd birthday

Moses Davis Jr

Beenie Man’s son Moses Davis Jr celebrated his 23rd birthday yesterday with the release of the music video for his song Live Life

The upcoming artiste, who goes by the moniker Moses, shared the project on social media with a short message expressing gratitude to have witnessed another birthday.

Live Life was produced by Visually Sound Records and bears Moses’ affinity for hip hop music. It’s an easy listen; he’s a “young don” making his money and living his life with “some big cars and big bikes.”

The music video fits the materialism of the song, flossing luxury vehicles, the house on the hill, bottles of Hennessy, marijuana from Kaya Inc, a bevy of women, name-brand clothing, and the party lifestyle. 

The visuals are made more interesting with appearances from his family, primarily his dad and sister/dancer Desha Ravers.

Beenie Man appears in several scenes alongside Moses, and the two vibe for the camera, engage some women, and show off liquor brands and fresh fits. The “Doctor” doesn’t outshine his son with an elaborate performance, which can also be said for Desha Ravers. Though she is featured in some house party scenes, she doesn’t dance the spotlight away from Moses. 

Moses’ birthday seemed to unfold like the music video based on clips he shared on his Insta-story. Dressed in all-white, the artist was smoking and having a link-up with loved ones including Desha Ravers. He wrote in one post, “Birthday was lit last night.”

Beenie Man was not seen in the snaps, but shared Moses’ music video in a story post. 

“Happy earthstrong son,” he wrote.

Moses reshared the post, writing, “thank you dad.”