Beenie Man’s son Moses Jr working on debut EP

Beenie Man’s son Moses Davis Jr is readying his first body of work as a recording artiste.

Beenie Man (left) and his son Moses Jr

The 22-year-old made the disclosure during a recent interview with Painless Universal.

“I have a lot of projects for 2021,” he started. “I’m working on an EP right now, like a seven or eight-track EP just to get out there and get this music thing started cause I’ve been kinda slacking but since the whole COVID thing I think I’m ready now. I have two tracks voiced and I’m shooting a music video. I’m not giving out too much information but I’d suggest looking out for that as well.”

Moses Jr partnered up with his dad on the single No Punchline released late last year. Interestingly, he said his father has never tried to talk him into doing music.

“It wasn’t really my father that pushed me to music,” he said. “I think I found the passion myself when I started listening to other genres and then I started to take a different approach to music. I started to listen to a lot of hip hop and then that started to push me to try and do something.”

He started as an instrumentalist which occupied him for a few years. 

“I decided to take a break to focus on songwriting and trying to become an artiste and after switching from being a producer to an artiste I kinda got a different type of love for it. It’s just my passion and ever since I’ve just been going forward. But even being Beenie Man’s son everybody used to ask me ‘Are you an artiste? Do you do anything with music?’. Yeah I do, really and truly, but I found my passion and I did it myself.”

He did, however, describe witnessing his father’s growing success as inspirational.

“With all the shows he was doing, him travelling, him collecting awards, him being on TV, just being a legend and knowing the name that he has and what he’s done for the past 30, 40-plus years, it was really inspiring and I guess that added to me wanting to do music as well, trying to be like him or even better, you never know.”

He has his father’s support, and shared the greatest piece of advice the ‘King of Dancehall’ has given him.

“I just know that whichever complication happens I’ll bounce back even stronger.”

– Moses Jr

“The one advice is practice makes perfect, really and truly. Nothing really comes overnight so I would say once you believe in yourself and just continue to put in the work with whatever you wanna do, you’ll be successful in life.”

His father has also supported him throughout his sickle cell journey. The youngster was admitted to the hospital in November and has had instances of public pleas for blood because of complications related to the chronic condition.

“Sickle cell has a mind of its own. I could be sitting here right now fine, writing, listening to beats and then all of a sudden somewhere just starts to hurt and then it spreads… Even just doing stuff for fun it would really put a toll on everything but now I think since after all these years I kinda know my body a lot better, know what I’m not supposed to do and what I’m supposed to do and just look out for signs.”

He added, “I’m just glad that I can live my life to the fullest as I can… It affects me but it doesn’t get me down. I just know that whichever complication happens I’ll bounce back even stronger.”

He offered advice to those battling the disease.

‘I have a wonderful family, wonderful parents that want to see me thrive. I have friends that want to see me live on and do me and be the best person I can be so I’d say just try and find your happy place. It could be playing games, it could be travelling, it could be reading, could be anything in the world that just makes you happy and just roll with that.”