‘Beenie vs Bounty’ chosen as favourite Verzuz battle

Although their faces didn’t get a place on the Billboard ‘Verzuz’ cover recently, fans have picked the Beenie Man vs Bounty Killer clash as their favourite Verzuz battle.

Beenie Man (left) and Bounty Killer (right)

Billboard published a poll on Tuesday, September 1, asking fans which Verzuz battle was their favourite.

In the end, the overwhelming favourite was the clash between Beenie and Bounty. They received 88 per cent of the votes.

Brandy vs Monica got 3.57 per cent of the votes, while DMX vs Snoop Dogg was third with 2.97 per cent. Erykah Badu vs Jill Scott followed with 1.32 per cent. The many other battles came in with less than one per cent of the votes.

Beenie and Bounty battled away during the Memorial Day weekend in May, thrilling fans around the world. But when Billboard did an article about Verzuz, the two deejays were left off the cover despite bringing lots of attention to the event. Fans in Jamaica and around the world were furious, and they made it know via social media.