Belting thanks, Mariah Carey celebrates 30 years in music

Happy 30th anniversary to the one, the only Mimi! (Photo: Rolling Stone Magazine)

American R&B powerhouse Mariah Carey has marked 30 years to the date May 15, 1990, when she made her debut as a professional musician.

In a series of tweets on Friday, May 15, Carey called her debut single Vision of Love the perfect first meeting her Lambily, fans of the G#7 whistle singer, quoting the opening parts of the bridge.

“May 15, 1990 – the day we first “met”. Thank you lambily for giving me a lifetime of love and dreams realised. I’ve realized a dream, And I visualized, The love that came to be, Feel so alive, I’m so thankful that I’ve received, The answer that heaven has sent down to me!”

Vision of Love, co-written by Carey when she was just 17, debuted at number 73 on the Billboard charts, but two months later, in August, spent four weeks at the number one spot.

The orchestral ballad showcased Carey’s outrageous vocal range and the official music video, with lots of close-ups, provided a great look at the singer.

Carey built off the song’s success and became the top selling female artist of the ’90s.

Happy anniversary to one of the greatest singers to ever do it!