BIG MILESTONE: Comedian Ian ‘Ity’ Ellis celebrates 50th birthday with fundraiser

Comedian Ian ‘Ity’ Ellis was seen smiling for most of the night. (Photos: Shaquiel Brooks)

Comedian Ian ‘Ity’ Ellis marked his 50th birthday with a fundraiser called Charity and Cheers that was held on Friday, December 6, at the Blue Mountain Suit of the Knutsford Court Hotel in St Andrew.

It was an evening of infectious laughter, amusement and praise as dozens of persons turned out to support the comedian on the major milestone.

The guests could not contain their laughter.

Dressed in a gold suit paired with rich dark loafers, the Jamaican creative inadvertently had all eyeballs glued to his attire. Armed with his innate comedic wit and bright chirpy smile, he greeted those at the entry with a hug before taking a seat to witness the series of toasts and performances that were coming his way.

The night began with Owen ‘Blakka’ Ellis, Ity’s older brother, who naturally had the crowed bleeding in laugher.

See more pictures from Charity and Cheers in the gallery below.

The evening saw acts and well wishes coming from some of Jamaica’s well-known actors and singers, including gospel artiste Kevin Downswell and up-and-coming Kevin Heathe, as well as comedians Leighton Smith, Kathy Grant and Fancy Cat.

Hypnotising the crowd, the Silver Bird Steel Orchestra plunged the audience in a magical wonderland with their soothing and enchanting beats.

Fancy Cat was quite entertaining.

Speaking with Ity’s partner in crime, Alton ‘Fancy Cat’ Hardware, he said that he is elated to witness his close friend explore a new landmark.

“When you reach a half a century in life knowing that we both came from Trench Town, we have been through the ups and downs in Trench Town…. So, to reach that 50 is a big milestone,” he said.

Fancy Cat, however, noted that the event was not so much about Ity, but to help others.

“It’s a good look. People come and enjoying themselves and help celebrating knowing that they are giving a dollar not to his pocket, but it is going towards a charity event. He is always looking out for people,” Fancy Cat told BUZZ.