Big Tings: Sean Paul’s son stars in deejay’s new video

Levi smiles at his recent birthday party, as he shares lens with dad Sean Paul, mom Jodi and sister Remi. (Photo: @jodijinx)

Levi Blaze, Sean Paul’s toddler son, made his acting debut in his dad’s Big Tings music video which was released on Friday.

The video, co-directed by Sean Paul, unfolds with the deejay knocked out on his couch at Dutty Rock Studios in Kingston, where he is suddenly awakened in the wee hours of the morning by his high-spirited child.

Online life

After dusting the crust out his eyes, Sean does what many of us do in the morning – reach for the phone and go to the gram, where he sees a video of a superstar showing his fancy lifestyle.

The superstar (hint-hint, S-Peezy), is living it up in a New York night club where he is welcomed with upscale bottle service and the crème de la crème in women. He makes an appearance on the mic before blazing it up on stage before a dense crowd, then wakes up hours later on a private jet with his team.

Decades after his big break, Sean Paul continues to make waves in the music industry.

‘No Caption’ rhythm

Now in Miami, the ‘Dutty Paul’ keeps it luxurious with high-end cars, beautiful female company and another club performance – all while snapping moments for the gram. In the middle of telling followers how he’s rocked 10 cities, his team member rains on his ‘online life’ parade, saying it’s only been three cities, as they make their way home to Jamaica. Sean later performed at Jamfest in Montego Bay, and Spice even makes a short cameo in the video.

After absorbing the glitz and glam of rockstar life on screen, the scene is back to Sean on the couch, and he tosses his phone to the side and starts his morning.

The track was produced on the ‘No Caption’ rhythm on Sean’s label, and the video was shot using an iPhone.

Selena Gomez also partook in this iPhone-video challenge when she released her Look At Me Now video in October.