Big up, Popcaan! Skillibeng says the ‘Unruly Boss’ is his mentor

Dancehall artistes Skillibeng (left) Popcaan (right)

When it comes to Popcaan, dancehall artiste Skillibeng has nothing but praises.

The fast-rising dancehall artiste told Sean B in a BBC 1Xtra interview that the Unruly Boss has been a stout mentor to him.

“Popcaan is just a mentor fi Skillibeng an a example, cause mi grow ah listen to Gaza an di whole ah dem ting deh so mi jus have a level a respect fi Popcaan weh different, because him look out fi mi an mek sure seh everyting good wid di artist and mek sure seh mi always active musically so big up Popcaan. Ah mi G like dat,” he said.

Both Popcaan and Skillibeng are from the parish of St Thomas, and Popcaan has been unofficially assigned an ambassador for the parish.

Skillibeng explained that Popcaan’s guidance has been a great inspiration to him.

“Him waah see Skillibeng reach ah some level weh nobody nah too pree fi Skillibeng, an mi respect him fi dat coz is a motivation to Sklillibeng too. Cause if ah star ah tell yuh seh yuh need fi reach certain level an yuh have di talent fi dweet, dem ting deh kinda inspirational so big up to Popcaan.”