“Biggest and the baddest”: Bounty Killer dropping album soon

Dancehall veteran, Bounty Killer

It’s been over a decade since Bounty Killer released his last full-length album, but soon fans of the dancehall veteran artiste will no longer have to wait.

The Poor People’s Governor will be releasing his much-anticipated King of Kingston album this year. Bounty Killer announced the news to his fans on Instagram in a way that only he can. He did not reveal a specific date for the release, but dropped a “sidenote” that gave fans an indication of what is to come.

“Since everybody and dem granny making album this year all of a sudden let me make this clear all who and who dropping dem little dumpling thing dweet fast and move bcuz when GIANT a feed up a pudding pan kerosene tin business in other words the BIGGEST BADDEST and the BEST dancehall Y’album for the last two decades is…………..LOADING,” he announced.

Bounty Killer has not divulged much information about the album since news began circulating that he was working on it. But according to the Jamaica Observer, it will include a number of collaborations, and is being executive produced by Grammy Award-winning artiste Damian “Junior Gong” Marley.

When do you think Bounty Killer will drop this album BUZZ Fam?