“Bill Cosby is doing ok,” says team after viral mugshot

Bill Cosby is doing okay, well, at least according to his publicist Andrew Wyatt.

This inmate photo went viral earlier this week and left many questioning the state of Cosby’s well-being.. (Pennsylvania Department of Corrections via AP)

The team representing the former “American dad” was forced into quick action yesterday after a worrying mugshot of the actor went viral on social media on Tuesday.

That photo, which according to TMZ was taken on September 4, shows an ageing Cosby with unkempt hair, eyes which avoided the camera, and a forced half-smile.

A new photo was released to Cosby’s Twitter page yesterday which saw him looking less dismal, as he bore a wider smile and groomed hair.

“Couldn’t care less whether he is ok or not. Are his victims ok?  Do you pray for them?”

– Social media user

“This photo was taken by his publicist, Andrew Wyatt, during his first virtual video conference call with Mr Cosby last week,” the caption read. “We are posting this to reassure his family and supporters that he is doing ok during this pandemic.”

Social media users, who had mixed reactions to the mugshot, shared their thoughts on the new photo.

“That’s better!” one user said.

“THANK YOU ! We needed to see this!”

Another said, “I have a love hate feeling about this image. Love to see he’s healthy, hate that he’s in jail.”

Others were unimpressed.

“His publicist needs a photographer.”

“Even he is happy justice has been served.”

Another user said, “Couldn’t care less whether he is ok or not. Are his victims ok? Do you pray for them?”

Cosby, 83, is currently serving three to 10 years at the SCI Phoenix state prison in Pennsylvania after being convicted of sexually assaulting and drugging Andrea Constand at his home in 2004.