Billionaire Bill Gates is binge-watching the same shows we are

Most of us know of Bill Gates from his work at Microsoft, the trillion dollar tech company that pretty much helped define the world as we know it.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates

When he’s not busy counting his many billions, and he has 105 of ‘em to go through, it turns out Gates is not that different from the rest of us – money, palatial homes, A-list contact list and all the rest aside.

It seems Gates is just as preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic as the rest of us, and enjoys the panic-inducing hit Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak which is now streaming on Netflix.

According to Gates, the film “introduces you to four people who are working super-hard in different parts of the world to prevent epidemics.”

Gates has a more than a few Netflix series added to his list.

He adds that because the series was filmed some time ago, the episodes are focused not on the coronavirus but on influenza—which was widely regarded as the most likely culprit for a big outbreak.

“But Pandemic still gives you a sense of the inspiring work that heroic doctors, researchers, and aid workers are doing to prevent the very thing we’re all going through right now.”

And if that’s not enough, it seems he likes to spend downtime with his philanthropic wife, Melinda, watching some of our personal faves, including This Is Us and Ozark

Asked what’s next on his must-watch list, Gates said “And I’m planning to finally watch I, Claudius—a 1970s BBC series set during the Roman empire—after reading a rave review in The Economist. I’ve read a lot about the Roman times, but this series sounds like an interesting look at the era.

“On the much more escapist front, a few weeks ago I re-watched one of my favourite movies, Spy Game, starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. It has lots of good surprises, so I don’t want to spoil the plot for you. Not a lot of people have heard of Spy Game, but I’ve probably seen it 12 times.”

So just in case you thought the life of the rich and famous is different from our own, it’s not (if you can ignore the riches and fame).