‘Black Nuh Bumbocl**t’: Singer Tosh Alexander launches clothing brand

Say the name Tosh Alexander, and you’ll probably associate her with dancehall-pop, glittery performances and a bomb IG aesthetic.

Tosh Alexander sporting one of her pieces. (Photo: Instagram – Tosh Alexander)

But with stages gathering dust because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alexander has ventured into entrepreneurship by launching a “bold, unapologetic, rebellious, black” fashion brand. It’s bold alright; the name is ‘Black Nuh Bumbocl**t’.

The singer debuted this “passion project” in August and recently shared the inspiration behind it.

“2020 has been a roller coaster of a year,” she said in an Instagram post.

“The politics, the pandemic and the low vibrations have been exhausting, but these past few months have reinvigorated me and inspired me to build a vehicle to continue to express myself. As a Jamaican living in America, many times I feel forced to choose an identity, and I’ve made the choice. I present to you #BlackNuhBumbocl**t. It’s bold and unapologetic and represents this newborn strength I feel just simply being in my skin. I know a lot of people – whether Jamaican or part of the broader diaspora – feel the pressure to make their identity clear, and this is for us. We are #BlackNuhBumbocl**t.”

Music career

Clothing and accessories include sweaters, T-shirts, tank tops, masks, beach towels, pillows, mugs, notebooks and socks.

Since the launch, Alexander said she has been questioned about the status of her music career. For the Games singer, people should not limit their interests.

“We don’t have to do or be just one thing, those ideals are long gone & have crumbled,” she said. “There are opportunities everywhere. Also, I have a whole completed album ready for the world to hear, but as an independent artist my new project deserves a fair chance, and I making sure I do that. With that said, all the support you’ve been showing @blacknuhbumbocl**t will ultimately fund my music project, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

She added: “So as a small business owner & independent artist, I Thank you for ALLL the support! I encourage you all to delve into your passions and new ideas because success & abundance is your birth right and it is WAITING ON YOU!!!”

Other Jamaican performers who have kick-started businesses since the pandemic are Spice (clothing brand), Yanique “Curvy” Diva (catering service) and Ishawna (facial mask brand).