Black Queen labels Spice as ‘ungrateful’

Dancehall artistes Black Queen (left) Spice (right)

Another day, and another artiste from Spice’s past with a tale that seeks to destroy her reputation. This time it’s Black Queen, who sat on a recent Facebook video proclaiming to her viewers just how ungrateful the current Queen of the Dancehall is.

According to Black Queen, who is also promoting her debut EP Black and Proud , Spice has not shown her appreciation to incarcerated dancehall artiste, Ninja Man who she claims played an integral role in Spice’s career.

“Ninja bring yu career girl, Ninja bring yu career. Hm tek yu pon some stage, mi nah say him no take me on show, Ninja carry me go GT and other shows, but him go all out for you. Ninjaman de a jail, and yu never look fi him yet. Me look for Ninja, Stacious look fI Ninja, Angel reach out to  Ninjaman, One thing with angel, she like her little dress up, but Angel have a good heart, she no ungrateful and yu never, not even a happy birthday shout out to Ninja,” she ranted.

She claims Spice’s loyalty to incarcerated dancehall artiste, Vybz Kartel is only because he’s still in the limelight.

“Everything you say is Kartel Kartel, yes Kartel bring you to a dimension (in your career). If Kartel never have him hype, would you remember him? Just like how yu nuh memba Ninjaman. Don’t forget where yu coming from, just check yourself. Sometime yu have to check yourself and look into yourself,” she warned.