Blak Ryno says dancehall artistes are threatened by him

Dancehall artiste Blak Ryno

Dancehall singjay Blak Ryno believes his peers feel threatened by him.

His stance comes as he said artistes are quick to imitate his style, but shy away from working with him.

“Me is a threat to every dancehall artiste,” the She Like That entertainer claimed in an Instagram Live today. “Notice, di whole a dem inna mi style but none a dem never seh, ‘Big up Blak Ryno’. Dem deven waan call mi name dawg and mi just laugh…”

He added, “A nuff a dem we link to. We go to dem wid money…mi label Diamond Empire, a nuff a dem we link, US25,000…we nah call dem name, nuff current one too and weh dem seh, ‘Oh, di boy Ryno star…’, bare excuse…”

Upon realising the trend, he said he’s decided to “isolate himself” and won’t do cartwheels to “look nuh strength” from any artiste. He illustrated this by saying, “Yuh see if unno a sell patty and yuh next chargie to yuh a sell patty…your friend nah go waan you sell more patty than him…and who have the better patty a go get hated the most.”

He hailed Skillibeng for rising through the cracks of this culture with a different style, and offered some cautionary advice.

“Mi just hope him nuh mek dem tame him een cause a sed thing dem do me and dem mash mi up.”

Ryno said he is passionate about helping upcoming artistes, and said he is currently loaning his network and skills to help some of his friends transition into the business.

He is also working on his own career, letting fans know that he’ll be premiering a “new image, new style, new everything” in upcoming weeks. 

He said his rebranding will be ineffective without the help of his fans. 

“A just unno haffi put mi back pon top man. Anytime we drop di new song dem unno share dem pon Instagram and get di ting viral. If di people dem into it, dem (radio and street DJs) cya deny it and a dat a di mindgame dem a use pon unno.”