BLESSED: Shenseea appointed new BOOM Energy Drink brand ambassador

Dancehall’s princess, Shenseea, has snagged herself another massive ambassadorship deal – this time with popular energy drink BOOM. The announcement of the one-year contract was made on Thursday, March 26, on the official Instagram account of the popular drink brand.

The brand described Shenseea’s selection as their most recent ambassador as “a breeze”. (Photo: Instagram—Boom Energy Drink)

The Blessed artiste, whose given name is Chinsea Lee, is not the first young and vibrant musician to represent the brand in this capacity. Previously appointed entertainers include Chi Ching Ching and Vanessa Bling.

Speaking to BUZZ, the artiste revealed that she has always been fond of BOOM as a unique forward-thinking energy drink brand, and she’s excited to be a part of the vision it has set out.

“I am a part of that team and I feel connected because Shenseea is all about energy and vibes.”

— Shenseea

“I am extremely excited because I’ve always been a fan of this specific brand. In addition, I feel blessed to have a new endorsement deal in 2020.

“Based off experience I can honestly say Boom Energy Drink is a brand that has been constantly living up to their name,” she told BUZZ.

Adding her unique twist, the artiste says she will live up to her end of the deal by amplifying the brand’s image locally and internationally.

“In regards to representing the product itself; the energy is always on point and I’ve always admired the fact that they move as a team, looking from the outside. Now, I am a part of that team and I feel connected because Shenseea is all about energy and vibes.

Shenseea flaunting a toned physique in this Instagram post captioned “gym bady”. (Photo: Instagram—Shenseea)

“I will be learning more of the history as well to be a better representative anywhere I go, do my part and live up to the requirements as stated in my contract and influencing my followers around the world to be consumers of this drink,” she added passionately.

BOOM Energy Drink’s brand manager, Keteisha McHugh, says Shenseea over the years has positioned herself as one of the most popular musicians and her deeply rooted connection with her island has made her an easy selection.

“BOOM Energy Drink has always been about the upliftment of women, ….and I believe that Shenseea epitomizes…that”

— Keteisha McHugh, Brand Manager, BOOM Energy Drink

“Shenseea is one of the leading artistes in her field. As a female dancehall artiste, she embodies everything that is 100% Jamaican, 100% bold and 100% loved by all Jamaicans. She made our selection a breeze because she is not only talented, but she is very professional and easy to work with based on previous partnership,” she told BUZZ.

A very acrobatic and energised Shenseea on display for her millions of followers on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram—Shenseea)

Recognizing the role and value of women, McHugh shared with us that their brand is all for women empowerment and visibility.

“She represents strength and Wisynco & BOOM Energy Drink has always been about the upliftment of women, we have always put women at the forefront of everything that is strong about our culture & our country and I believe that Shenseea epitomizes all of that,” she said.