Blvk H3ro and Hempress Sativa kick off Uppsala Reggae Festival

The Sweden based Uppsalla Reggae Festival kicked off in fine style on Saturday (July 31) partly due to the efforts of reggae artistes Blvk H3ro and Hempress Sativa.

Both rising stars in the reggae genre, acquitted themselves quite well as they delivered their sets via livestream to the patrons gathered in Uppsala in Sweden and to the thousands around the world.

Blvk H3ro, was the fourth act on the roster and went through a plethora of his hits to include his track ‘Original’ supported by the Harry J’s All Star band.

During his energetic performance, he also showed off his dynamism easily switching between singing and deejaying.

For Empress Sativa, she was similarly impressive as she doled out a impressive selection of conscious music.

From ‘Marching Out A Babylon’ to ‘Skin Teeth’, her stint in Harry J’s studio was well received. 

She also took a shot of the current situation surrounding the restrictions attributed to the Coronavirus pandemic, showing her disdain, as she labeled it a “plandemic” which provided the platform to launch into her ‘Fight For Your Rights’.

Leading up to that point there were also good performances from the performers based in Sweden.