Bob Marley’s Redemption Song gets new animation look

The King of reggae, Bob Marley

February 6 was Bob Marley’s birthday and the world has been celebrating the global icon of reggae music.

French artists Octave Marsal and Theo Gueltzl have created an animated video for his song, Redemption Song. The animated video tells the story of a lion, symbolic of the Rastafarian faith, as it makes its way to freedom.

The artists created the video using three thousand drawings.

The video has received the blessing of Bob Marley’s family and fans of Marley have already begun expressing their admiration for the video.

This video is the second one of the Gong that utilizes animation. His hit, Iron, Lion Zion also had an animated video.

Bob Marley’s legacy continues to remain relevant 39 years after his death.