Bobby Brown insists he taught Michael Jackson the moonwalk

Bobby Brown has said a lot of things over the years and well, at least he’s consistent. The former New Edition member is repeating claims he taught Michael Jackson how to his version of the now celebrated moonwalk.

Singer Bobby Brown says he taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk at his home in the early ’80s.

Brown told rapper Fat Joe that he showed the ‘King Of Pop’ how to do the move while he was at Jackson’s home almost four decades ago.

“We were just starting out, and I had just come from Alabama learning how to do the real moonwalk,” told Fat Joe on Instagram Live on yesterday, July 28.

Insisting his version is the “true story” Brown continued, “I’m not insinuating. I’m letting you know what happened. This was how the moonwalk was formed.”

Michael Jackson popularised his version of the moonwalk in 1983 following a televised anniversary special for Motown Records.

The singer-songwriter who was once married to Whitney Houston said his former New Edition bandmates would support this claim.

He added that he learnt the move from a man in Alabama but said “I only used it for dance battles. I used to do dance battles. I was a breakdancer.”

Brown previously made the claim in a 2017 interview with The Cipher.