Body Right: Spice hits up the gym

Dancehall artiste Spice hit the gym on Tuesday (June 16) in hopes of dropping a few pounds.

Dancehall artiste Spice

The Cool It singer shared with her Instagram (IG) following that she had recently started going to the gym as she is on a weight-loss journey.

While it isn’t clear how much weight the artiste plans to lose, her trainer has promised that she would start seeing results in as little as thirty days.

“I started my weight loss journey it ain’t easy but I’m bearing this one through,” said Spice who shared a video of herself running on the treadmill.

While Spice seems sceptical about the gym, she promised fans that if she did lose weight she would share her routine.

“Who wants to know my work out routine? If I drop the weight in 30 days as my trainer says then I’ll share. Mi haffi see this work first,” added Spice.