Body wars? Shauna Controlla denies being envious of DHQ Nickeisha’s new body

Former jewel of Downsound Records, Shauna Controlla, says she is not envious of DHQ Nickeisha’s enhanced body. The My Way singer has been swarmed with trolls and self-certified badmind detectors who found her recent video a bit shady.

In the since deleted video, Controlla said, “One time, just one and two somebody go fix up one belly or one breast or something,” she started. “After me go, dancehall get ‘designer’ out (laughs).”

People are connecting her “designer” remark to the Dominican Republic cosmetic surgery company Designer Bodys, who recently did Nickeisha’s breast augmentation and liposculpture surgery. The company is also behind Controlla’s surgery three years ago and others including Sher Luxury Doll, Renee Sixthirty, DHQ Headtop and Nikki Chromazz.

Her video was perceived as a jab at Nickeisha by many social media users, and her follow-up posts didn’t make it better.

“Now all yah fi do when yah book females fi shows a choose you size,” she wrote. 

“Body war over yah so,” she continued. “Unu used to cuss the woman and now she turn unu favorite. Aaayyyy awah Anju inject unu food wid! Years unu a tek di vaccine.”

She eventually took to Instagram Live to make it known that she isn’t salty about Nickeisha’s transformation.

“Badmind fi what? Come on honey. Body a go get played out where people haffi go look pon personality and bloodcl**t spirit and spirit-tek. Yuh think seh a body a go dweet? If a woman waan fix harself she fix har f**king self. Di woman have two pickney, mi have one…so wah if she waan fix? 

She added, “Nicki nah tek it up pon har bloodcl**t head cause Nicki a follow mi and Nicki cool wid mi cause mi see Nicki, mi hail Nicki, Nicki hail mi back (and) we gone bout we bloodcl**t ways.” 

Amidst the backlash, she said she is the least bothered by people bringing up her past relationships with Gully Bop and Joe Bogdanovich, but will not accept the mentioning of her son.

“Mi not even vex bout the fact that unno a seh (me) badmind…but yuh see when time yaa go come inna mi bloodcl**t DM come talk bout all mi pickney, get mi pickney outta this.”

Controlla, who had a breast augmentation and liposuction procedure, said she also doesn’t care that people are criticising her surgery results. According to her, she prefers her derrière to be small based on the type of men she dates.

“Yuh nuh see a white man and dem something deh mi date? Yuh nuh see a old man mi date and dem something deh?… And mi never did haffi do body fi look good either. Mi have a good, good bloodcl**t hole and mi face pretty nuh… Mi a good luck, anybody mi go round dem blessed.”