Bolt goes Mortal Kombat for carnival experience

Jamaican sprint sensation Usain Bolt is in Trinidad for Carnival and it seems the high-energy public figure is making the most of it.

Bolt along with members of his A-Team crew have been enjoying themselves immensely as they make their way through the various events connected to the Trinidad showpiece.

The A-Team in a fighting mood this carnival. (Photo—Instagram: Usain Bolt)

For Carnival Monday, Bolt and crew have taken the notion of carnival wear to the next level stepping out in Mortal Kombat themed ensemble, with Bolt wearing the legendary Scorpion costume.

Bolt has made most of this year’s events so far having hung out with rapper Ludacris while enjoying J’ouvert and other events.

Ludacris and Bolt out in TT having a great time. (Photo: Instagram—Ludacris)

Bolt has been an avid fan of carnival having visited Trinidad multiple times to enjoy the event.

For this year, Bolt partnered with Ultimate Rejects out of Trinidad to remix their hit track “Energy to Burn“.

BUZZ Fam are you feeling the Mortal Kombat outfits?