Bolt says feedback good so far since album release

Track legend turned music producer Usain Bolt has disclosed that his debut Country Yutes album has been getting good reviews since its release. 

Bolt along with friend Nugent ‘NJ’ Walker dropped their first major project on September 3rd since stepping into the music arena with Bolt mainly serving as producer and NJ doing most of the vocals.

Bolt, in an interview with the BBC’s Ade Adedoyin, on Friday, (Sept 10), shared that they have been getting some good feedback from persons including industry players. 

“I think we are getting good energy cause people are already saying that this is a good body of work and it feels good to know that people are already enjoying that,” he remarked. 

However, Bolt also highlighted during the process they didn’t really take on much advice.”People who were at the studio would give us advice but we never really reached out to anybody and say listen to me what do you think we should do, and I think that’s the reason a lot of people are upset,” he said with a laugh.

However, since its release, the album has made some notable achievements such as dethroning Bob Marley from the top of the iTunes reggae charts and has been keeping steady on several other charts.

He also shared that one of his aims is to show people that he is serious about music. “This album is all about showing people that we are serious about music. That’s why we put so much energy into it and a different high level work. It’s not like we want to force it down people’s throat but we want people to listen to the music,  take us seriously then we can start building on this and moving forward in the music industry,” decorated sprinter explained.