Bolt throws shade at Yohan Blake after ‘overshadow’ comment

Usain Bolt throwing ‘shade’ at Yohan Blake (Photo: @usainbolt)

It looks like Usain Bolt didn’t take too kindly to Yohan Blake assertion that he would have been the fastest man in the world had it not been for Bolt’s complete dominance of the track for more than a decade.

The world’s fastest man took to his Instagram to address the matter. He posted a picture of himself in a pair of dark shades, with the caption: “Overshadow”, and, not one, but two shrug emojis!

Blake and Bolt were training partners up to Bolt’s retirement in 2017. But Yohan believes he could have made a better mark on the sport had he not been submerged in Bolt’s shadow.

Yohan and Blake were once training partners (Photo:

“When that guy Bolt is dominating you, it is not easy to emerge from his shadow,” he told the Times of India in an interview on December 3.

“If you take Bolt away from the picture, I will be the fastest man in the world. I was born at the wrong time,” he continued.

Yohan Blake (Photo:

But being born at the ‘wrong time’ or not, Blake still managed to compile an impressive resume for himself. He won the men’s 100 metres at the 2011 World Athletics Championship in Deagu, South Korea, becoming the youngest world champion in the event. And he was sighted as the man to beat Bolt in the 2012 Olympic games. But that didn’t happen as Bolt found back his form at the London Games and became the first man to retain his Olympic sprint double title.

“Nevertheless I am still happy with what I have achieved,” Blake said.