Bolt’s champagne post causing social media uproar

Jamaican sprint sensation Usain Bolt was the subject of an intense social media debate, following a light-hearted post by the former top athlete yesterday on how he should spend his 33rd birthday.

In the video tweet, Bolt asked fans to vote on whether he should celebrate his special day by pouring champagne on his friends or have his friends pour champagne on him. The tweet closed out with a quick highlight of the Mumm Olympe Rosé champagne brand, for which the sprinting legend is a co-owner and ambassador.

Usain Bolt at the launch of his signature champagne in January 2019 (Photo:

It didn’t take long, for social media pundits to weigh in on the post arguing that the star’s money would be better spent supporting a charity organization for his birthday.

Some of the tweets below:

Bolt, however, didn’t need to provide a response, as fans were quick to come to his defence, pointing out that the mega-star had the freedom to do whatever he pleased with his hard-earned cash, having had an impressive track record of supporting worthwhile causes. According to Bolt’s fans, he’s therefore not obligated to do so for his 33rd birthday.

Some chalked up the uproar as simply a case of Jamaican ‘badmind’, where persons are simply envious of Bolt’s wealth and unflinching ability to shower himself and his friends with expensive gifts for his birthday.

Launched earlier this year in partnership with G.H. Mumm, this is one in a series of promotional posts done by Bolt to push his signature champagne.

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Happy Valentine's Day! #NextVictory @ghmumm

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The former athlete, even launched a dancehall riddim with the brand’s name a few weeks ago, featuring top entertainers including Ding Dong, Munga Honorable and Christopher Martin.

This type of social media uproar is by no means uncommon to Bolt, who has often been the recipient of unsolicited opinions about how he spends his money on leisure activities including travel and night-life entertainment.

Per usual, the comments were answered with a signature Bolt-style, where the star posted a tweet of him and a friend spraying bottles of Mumm Olympe Rosé and a dive in his pool- a golden 33rd indeed!

Happy birthday to Dr. the Honourable Ambassador Usain St Leo Bolt, OJ from Team BUZZ!

What are your thoughts? Should people be giving an opinion on how the former track star spends his money to celebrate his birthday?